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The Blackhearts Fencing Club

     This site belongs to the Blackhearts Fencing Club of Derby, Kansas. Please feel free to follow the links to our pages. We share the links in RED with our sister club in Hutchinson, Ks. We do fencing and reenactments for the renaissance period covering the 1300s or 14th century, 1400s or 15th century, 1500s or 16th century, 1600s or 17th century.

     Some of the other things we do are;
archery, armor, art, bardic, camping, chainmaile, chivalry, club directory, combat, costumes, crafts, customs, demos, dueling, education, events, faires, families, fantasy, fencing, festivals, fun, heraldry, history, leather work, medieval, melees, metal work, music, period acting, pictures, reenactment renaissance role playing, sewing, singing, swordplay, swords, tournaments, weapons.

If you wish to contact us these are the people to contact;

Cecil Purvis
Club President
316- 943-2189

Jim Shannon II
The Paisley Pirate, Captain Seamus O'Shannon
Captain Marshall
or E-mail the B. H. F. C. Derby
c/o Captain O'Shannon

Thanks, The Blackhearts Fencing Club.
Please pardon the mess, we are rebuilding the site!
Bear with us!

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