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Club Safety Program

  1. Combat Rules
    1. Liability
      1. Fighters: Each fighter is required to sign a Combat-Related Activities Waiver (an authorization waiver). This waiver is to be on file with the secretary of the club. The fighter, having been given instruction as to the possibility of physical injury to himself or others, and been given a primary lesson in safety and rules of the field, will honor the rules and conventions of the HRFC and its various sister organizations. Anyone unwilling to sign the waiver WILL NOT BE ALLOWED TO PARTICIPATE IN PRACTICES OR AT TOURNAMENTS OR WARS!
      2. Other Participants: other participants include Marshals, Constables, List Pages, Heralds, and other officers whose activities bring them in close contact to fighting in situations where boundaries are not clearly defined. Anyone in the overall boundaries of the battle area must receive basic field safety orientation, and MUST sign a Combat-Related Activities Waiver (an authorization waiver).
    2. Standards
      1. The Marshallate shall establish standards and procedures for the authorization of fighters to participate in combat.
      2. Fighters are required to read or have explained to them the following
        1. Armor Standards
        2. Weapon Standards
        3. Conduct and Behavior Conventions
      3. Marshals are required to read all of the above, and in addition:
        1. Read Marshal Standards and Guidelines
        2. Be able to pass a test as to the content of all the materials
        3. Be able to determine and follow the standards for weapons and armor
        4. Enforce said rules.